Sentinel Coffee Flavors

Artisan Roasted Coffee in Juneau, Alaska

Sentinel Signature Blends

Sentinel House Blend: A well balanced cup that combines some of the best Old World origins with a delicious Latin bean.
Octopus Espresso Blend: Eight beans in perfect harmony. Thick and syrupy shot that starts strong and ends like caramel. Roasted at “Full City” this is a highly versatile espresso that pulls a great shot and hold up well in milk.
Red Sky Breakfast Blend: A clean, bright cup of coffee that has nice citrus notes and a refreshing feel. Makes you want to stay in and drink a pot.
Rainbow Natural Blend: A blend of our organic selections featuring our Melinal Estate Mexican bean that produces an excellent, easy drinking cup of coffee.
Vienna Blend: Austrian writer Stefan Zweig described the Viennese Coffee House as an intellectual paradise: “a sort of democratic club, open to everyone for the price of a cup of coffee, where every guest can sit for hours with this little offering, to talk, write… and above all consume an unlimited number of newspapers and journals." We try to evoke this magic in our Vienna Blend. Perfect for those long hours of mulling over the questions of the world. We usually roast it dark for a thick, bold cup, but it holds up well as a medium roast as well.
Juanita’s Inca Gold Blend: An interesting cup of coffee that blends many of the Latin selections to compliment each of their strengths.
Juanita’s Beija Sweet Blend: A full flavored cup of coffee that is roasted at the higher side of “Full City” and finishes sweet.
Juanita’s Peru Blend: A great way to enjoy Peruvian coffee with the addition of other Latin origins to increase complexity.
Misty Mountain Decaff: A delicious cup of coffee without all the jitters. Swiss Water processed.
Half and Half: A blend of half decaffeinated and half regular Mexican beans.

Aloha! 100% Grown in the USA Hawaiian Coffee

Wailea Estates: (Juneau locals that also farm coffee on the Big Island of Hawaii.) Wailea Estate Coffee from the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii. Wailea Estate Coffee is home grown, and hand harvested from the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii. This family-owned and -operated farm practices a polyculture system, making all of their products 100% sustainable. The weather and rainfall of the Hamakua coast create a perfect environment for growing tropical fruits, including coffee! $30/lb or $15/half pound.
Lyman Estates: Lyman Estates Certified Organic Kona Coffee: completely Natural and pesticide free. The growers' eight acre Kona Coffee family farm was started "from scratch," out of the jungle. The beans are completely herbicide and pesticide free. Their product is the Real Kona Thing: a multiple award-winning Kona Coffee that carries the unique stamp of the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii - delicate yet flavorful with a rich aroma, and famous among coffee connoisseurs throughout the world. $45/lb or $22.5/ half pound

Single Origin Selection

Organic Ethiopian Harrar: Clean fruit forward blueberry notes and lasting sweetness.
Organic Sumatran: Creamy body, loamy sweet flavor with appealing mustiness.
Fair Trade, Organic Rwandan: Satin bodied coffee with flavors of sweet fruit and honey. An excellent cup.
Organic Terruno Nayarita Mexican: Bright, floral and citrusy coffee.
Organic Terruno Nayarita Mexican Peaberry: Caramel like body balance out a granny smith apple like acidity.
Guatemala SHB EP "Ixil A'achimbal": beautifully nuanced, with a delicate smoky tone and medium to light body.
Colombia Huila "Monserrate": Round citric acidity, slightly syrupy body. Delicate floral tones balanced by jellied wine grape sweetness.

Peruvian: Sweet and mild with easy drinking medium body.
Costa Rican: Brisk citrus acidity and a perfectly clean finish.
Brazilian: Raisin like sweetness and toasted nut with a good body.

Flavored Coffee Selection

Cinnamon Almond Macaroon
Cinnamon Bun
French Vanilla
Hazelnut Cream
Pina Colada
Rain Forest Crunch
Vanilla Buttercream
Vanilla Hazelnut